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How we deliver the Revised Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in Pre-school.

The photos on the Giraffe which is on the noticeboard in the Pre-School cloakroom are photos of our daily routine, and the pictures on the snake are photos of the toys which we have out. The toys and activities are left out for as long as the children are interested in them, this could be anything from one day to a few months, toys and activities are chosen between adult led activities and child initiated ideas.

The blue and green sheet located on the notice board is a list of some of the activities that the children have had the opportunity to play with throughout the day. The arrows mean that the activity / toy is carried on to the next day.

The green pen means these are out because the children really enjoy these activities. The child's name whose interest/next step it is will be added in brackets with a black pen. This activity will stay out for as long as the child / children stay interested in it, we will keep expanding the activity by adding new things. Just because a child's name is next to a particular activity does not make it exclusive for that child, all children are encouraged to join in with all activities.

The blue pen means staff have chosen these activities to get a balance of toys out. If they aren't particularly interested in the activity after it has been expanded it is changed for something else.

The electronic photo frame situated on the wall in the cloakroom contains pictures of the children partaking in activities we have done with them; it is updated on a regular basis. A selection of these photos are transferred to our website at


Tapestry is an electronic learning journey for every child within the nursery. We use Tapestry to record observations/photographs/videos of your child's/children's development. You can add your own photographs and videos of your child/children at play or doing something special when not in nursery with a short explanation of what they're doing so we can reference them to your child's/children's learning outcomes. When your child/children leave nursery to go to school, the learning journey will be sent to you as a PDF file for you to download onto your tablet/computer, you can also print this if you'd like to. You will then have a wonderful interactive journey through your child's/children's early life/lives. I'm sure your child/children will love to look back and reflect on home and nursery life as a small child, your photographs/videos from home and outings will make it all the more special.

Important messages

Please be aware that if children bring their own toys into nursery, we will not be responsible for any damage or loss. We prefer children to leave valuable toys at home unless it is used as a comfort object for children who sleep or are settling in.


Blue T-shirts with Playstation Day Nursery Ltd logo printed on in white.
For sale in sizes 3 to 4 years, only 3.00 each.
Sold in aid of toys and equipment for the nursery.

Thank you.

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