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Infection Control

Dear Parents,

As yourselves we have your child's best interest at heart and with this aim this leaflet has been devised so that all parents are aware of guidelines concerning infection control and prevention within the nursery.

The purpose of exclusion is to separate a child with potentially infectious disease from other children so that the infection does not spread. This means that children will be excluded while they remain infectious.

The nursery facilities are not equipped to look after "sick" children. Children will not be accepted with a temperature that has to be controlled with medication other than for teething.

Any child with a rash should be seen by their GP to ascertain the nature of the rash.

Children will not be accepted with a viral rash, once the child has been clear of the rash for 24 hours and is feeling well again, they will be readmitted.

The staff must be convinced that the child has returned to good health before readmitting them and may at their entire discretion refuse readmission if they feel this is not the case.

Please refer to our policies and procedures for clarification. You are very welcome during normal opening hours to view these policies and procedures under which the nursery is run. They are located in the leaflet holder by the front door.

For a list of diseases and infections and their exclusion period please Click Here.
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